Behaviour code and Rules for club members

Catalyst Youth Centre

  1. Help create a supportive and positive environment that ensures everyone enjoys being a member at Catalyst Youth Centre.
  2. Have respect for members and staff/helpers.
  3. Be polite, fair, honest and think about others.
  4. Put all litter in bins provided.
  5. Look after all the equipment provided.
  6. Be able to have a voice in running the club.
  7. Listen to others and respect their views.
  8. Don’t shout or swear.
  9. Strictly no smoking, drinking or drugs allowed.
  10. Keep the club environment safe for all it’s members.
  11. Stay inside the premises during the evening (unless taking part in the club’s organised activities outside).
  12. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Behaviour Code and Rules for catalyst youth centre